Let us Introduce You to the Governor’s Daughter!

2013-03-07 14.04.20Those of you who have been “with us” for a good many years, know that we love to play dress up with our mannequin. It all began awhile ago when we were still in Betton. Our dear girl has played the role of everyone from Scarlet O’Hara to Queen Elizabeth; she’s been at Christmas parties, Open Houses, Art Shows, Charity events and more…. she hasn’t missed a single social gathering.

Now that our weather is warming and the new summer fabrics are rolling in, we decided to grab the bolt of gorgeous turquoise  eyelash satin and knew immediately that it must be her sassy skirt.

A little fringed bandeau from neutral linen and a couple of stands of beads and our mermaid  was ready for the sweltering heat and humidity and anxious for the beach!

Obviously, the handmade glass bead necklace is a pleasant surprise when you come to Chrysalis, but a wonderful Tallahassee gal makes these creations and we love them; our customers love them too!  Beautiful handmade creations from The Governor’s Daughter.

The Governor’s Daughter is named after the jewelry artisan’s grandmother, the daughter of the 28th governor of Florida. Not only was her grandmother beautiful inside and out, she was a picture of grace, poise and charm. The artist creates one-of-a-kind vibrant necklaces for the everyday run to the grocery store, out to dinner with college roommates and/or a wedding day. The lady has a blog that is dedicated to that passion as well as the desire to create other beautiful things and enjoy others work.

We have a nice selection of beaded necklaces in stock and ready for you to wear this summer or to give as gifts! Stop by soon at 1410 Market St., next to My Favorite Things.

2013-03-07 14.04.26

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