A Bag for Hope Creates Beautiful Gifts Supporting the Needs of Resident Children of the Big Bend Homeless Coalition Hope Community

Stop by Chrysalis Fine Fabrics at 1410 Market St. in The Market District and enjoy the Holiday Pop-up Shoppe through December 20th. We have been featuring the handmade gifts of local artists and added a nice selection of hostess and monogrammable gifts.

Featured this week is  A Bag For HOPE. Founded in 2009, ABFH is a volunteer project that financially supports the needs of the resident children in the Big Bend Homeless Coalition HOPE Community in Tallahassee. The HOPE children’s library has been renovated with funding from A Bag For HOPE and assistance with the carpentry from an Eagle Scout candidate. The library project was completed in August, 2010. A Bag For HOPE will continue to provide money for routine maintenance of the library and, through its volunteers, will continue to provide books for the children.

In cooperation with several other volunteer organizations, funds contributed by A Bag For HOPE, were vital to the construction of a wonderful playground for the HOPE resident children. An uneven, rutted area on the HOPE campus was transformed into a play space where the children can run, slide, and play, and swing safely.

A Bag For HOPE is continuing to focus its fundraising efforts on providing money for the resident children to go on school field trips and to provide them with tools and supplies to complete school projects. Funds raised from sales will be used to procure necessary documents of identification (birth certificates, social security cards) for the children.

A Bag For HOPE volunteers collect donated fabrics and trims and make them into tote bags, wine bags, gift bags, craft bags and other interesting fabric items. The products are sold at various community events, at home parties, organization meetings, and office luncheons. ALL the money raised at these events is given to the HOPE Community to be used for the children.



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