For your convenience, we have listed the names and phone numbers of upholstery and slipcover fabricators in the area.

We do not guarantee any their work or assume any responsibility.

Lowe’s Upholstery, Thomasville, GA 229-227-0905 or 229-221-5566
Dawson’s Upholstery 850-544-0819
Furniture Wizard 850-942-0968
Jones Upholstery 850-878-6973
Pride’s Upholstery, Quincy, FL 850-627-7672
Sam Pittman’s Upholstery 850-576-6324


Deborah Dennison 850-443-2684
Gretchen Jacob 850-841-0298
Lowe’s Upholstery 229-221-0905

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